Intemporel WordPress Theme

Intemporel is a responsive WordPress theme based on Underscores framework. It’s a modern theme with a clean layout and standard typography. It has colors inspired by material design. Intemporel is a responsive WordPress theme for blogs and magazines. It’s responsive and powerful theme.


  • Asides: The theme has a single sidebar for archive pages, and another content sidebar on Single Post pages and Page post type.
  • Color: The primary color is shades of Indigo, while secondary is shades of Pink.
  • Font Face: Roboto
  • Icons: Uses Genericons from Automattic.
  • Navigation: The main site navigation is hidden for the standard theme also, and can be displayed with click of a button.
  • Featured Posts: Intemporel uses a special template for the first post loaded on the homepage and archive pages.

Other Features

  • On desktops, menu drops from the top, while on mobile screens, the menu slides from the left.
  • The height of header reduces from 100px to 48px on scroll, giving more space to content while having buttons for menu and search on-screen.
  • The theme is completely responsive and readable on every device.
  • It uses HTML5 template and all the cool features of Underscores.


Well, like every other theme! You can download it from repository or:

  1. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add Theme.
  2. Search for the theme ‘Intemporel’ and click Install.
  3. Get a live preview, and if you like it, click Activate.

You can get the latest edits on GitHub repository, however, it can be broken. If you’re on a production website, use at your own risk.